The only technical conference dedicated to the development of global suspension systems

Advanced Suspension Systems is a technical event for experts in the industry with a clear focus on the latest developments in suspension technologies.The importance of improving comfort and handling is increasing tremendously with regard to adaptive suspension system solutions resulting in a safer and more enjoyable driving experience.The growing demand for lightweight technologies to improve energy efficiency has massive impacts on advanced suspension concepts for the chassis development regarding price issues and optimisation of materials and components. Intelligent sensor technology can improve potential synergies with autonomous driving but it will be influenced by the growing complexity of an innovative chassis system. Join industry experts and:


Discover new developments in active and semi-active suspension systems that are improving driver comfort and safety


Discuss new materials being used in existing suspension systems in order to make them lighter and reduce CO2 emissions


Look at novel suspension architectures as a way of reducing cost without losing performance


Find out about suspension systems for EV ‘s and HEV’s and how they are being integrated into the vehicle for maximum energy efficiency


Explore sensor technologies and autonomous driving as a way of redefining the human-suspension interaction


Learn about suspension systems for commercial and non-road vehicles and how their demands for performance are driving innovation

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